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AP6 #6 -  The big catch up


In episode #6 Jon boy and myself catch up after a busy few moths. We talk about a 1 dayer in  York in February know as February Throw down and we have a look at Necromunda. We have both cone a fair amount of hobby to be fair and Jon will continue to complain about everything as usual.




Episode #71 -  Bloodtithe

Adam and stand in host Alex Ley talk about Bloodtithe, narrative warscrolls and recap the last few months of hobby.

AP6 #5 -  Chapter Approved

In episode #5 Jon boy and myself catch up after a busy Christmas. We talk about an upcoming event in York in February know as February Throw down and we have a look at chapter approved. Plus all the usual fun and hobby talk. Apologies for the Coughing....

AP6 #4 -  Astra Militarum

This month we take an in depth look at the Astra Militarum Codex so if you are running "Guard" or just want to know what you're likely to come up against then this is for you. We talk about the LGT our proposed lists for the event. Plus all the usual new releases and hobby tips.

Episode #70 - London Blood Bowl GT & Raw

Episode #70 What a massive fun filled episode! Adam talks about his trip to #RAW and we talk to Zack Becher about the London Grand Tournament where we will be hosting the best Blood Bowl event ever! at the Olympic Stadium! All that along with WoTW, Week in Hobby, HvM and much more!

AP6 Episode #3 - Death Guard

Episode #3: In this episode we take an in depth look at the Death Guard complimented by a the mighty Mortarion as Datasheet of the month! We also have a quick preview of the new Astra Militarum Codex.

Episode #69 - GHB Scenarios

Episode #69: In this episode we take a look at the new scenarios for GHB2017, wotw is epidemus and we play a special blight war hero versus monster plus all the usual fun banter.

Episode #68 - GHB Chaos


Episode #68: In this episode the Dragonlord either wins ghb1 or loses it! We talk in depth about the new Chaos rules along with all the usual fun of the fair.

Episode #67 - GHB Death

Episode #67: In this episode we take a look in detail the new rules for Death in GHB 2017. We have a good chat about Blood Bowl and adam goes to "Essex Fury" a 1 day event in....Essex. We have a player of the week in the for of Helmut Wolf and we don't have a hero versus monster because Adam is sick of losing.


Episode #66 - GHB Destruction

Episode #66: What an episode! We are joined by Alex Ley to discuss Destruction in GHB2017, Neave Blacktalon in Warscroll of the week, we test out the triumph and treachery out and the dragonlord faces off against a war hyrda in Hero vs Monster.

Episode #65 - Superbowl iii & GHB Order

Episode #65: What a bumper episode! We talk about Superbowl iii, a 1 day event ran by us in London, Generals Handbook 2017 Order, we have a great Warscroll of The Week in the form of Horticulous Slimux, Nurgles head gardener.... We have an epic hero vs Monster and so so so much more!


Episode #64 - AoS is ALIVE!!!

Episode #64: In this episode we preview Superbowl III, have a look at a few GHB2017 Ideas, there are LOADS of new releases finally, we take a look at the "beasts of nurgle" in WoTW and we have another epic hero versus monster! All this and more in episode #64.

Episode #63 - Hashtag BOBO

Episode #63: In this episode Adam and I talk about #BOBO a 2k even held in Lincoln run by a bunch of lovable muppets. WoTW is the maniak weirdnob and I take on the host of bravery 1 in an epic hero versus monster. All that and loads more.

AP6 #2 - Jon's Love for Primaris.

Episode #2: In this episode we are joined by Nick Lizard to chat about some exciting new releases. We talk about the datasheet of the month which is the Primaris Repulsor battle tank. We discuss painting tips along with the announcement of our charity raffle for the happy days charity. Enjoy!

Episode #62: - Loadsa Goblins!

Episode #62: In this episode we take a look at Destruction Mournfang in warscroll of the week, a unit that could make a comeback under the new GHB2017. In hero versus monster the Dragonlord takes on a terrifying hellpit abomination. We take an in depth look at Goblins for DZS2 and Adam needs a god damn shave.

Episode #61: - Zero Goblin

Episode #61: In this episode we discuss the mighty seekers of Slaanesh in Warscroll of the week, the Dragonlord faces an araknorak spider in hero versus monster, we talk about our week in hobby and take a look at blood bowl league ideas.

Episode #60: - Blood Knights

Episode #60: There are finally some "new" releases in the way of some "get started" boxes that turn out to be incredible value for money. We discuss Blood knights in WoTW, have a little chat about list writing and the Dragonlord faces off against n Aleguzzler Gargant!

Episode #59: - Lord of Dragons

Episode #59: In this episode we talk about owning a Blood Bowl stadium, I talk about ways to cut corners in our hobby feature and Adam talks about his dragon conversions. WoTW is the Dragonlord and there is a curious twist of fate for Hero Versus monster.

AP6 #1 - In the grim darkness of the far future there is only war.

Episode #1 A big welcome to episode 1 of #AP6 the monthly offshoot from the hard6 podcast, Hosted by myself Jay Hopkinson and Jonny (40k Guru) In this months episode we look at the Dark Imperium release, some of the new rules and our Datasheet of the month is the deadly Vindicare Assassin.

Episode #58 - The one where we try not to talk about 40k

Episode #58: It's huge! This episode seems to have just kept going, so much to talk about regarding AoS and Blood Bowl, we look at peoples' hopes for GHB 2017 and talk about our lists or lack of for BOBO. We have an in depth look at sponsorship for your blood bowl leagues, we scrutinise Glart Smashrip in player of the week and we have another smashing HvM.

Episode #57 - This is A Case for Hard6

Episode #57: In this episode I receive a case from www.army-case.com and review it with Adam, we also take a look at hiring star players in your blood bowl team permanently. We have a good chat about AoS and a warscroll of the week. We are kindly given some new gaming mats by www.deepcutstudio.com

Episode #56 - Hotter than hell

Episode #56 I have a lot to catch up with Adam after a little holiday break, we look at death zone season 2 in brief and the warscroll of the week is the Tzangor Enlightened. Hero vs Monster is a mighty elf off!

Episode #55 - Here be Dragons

Episode #55: Adam rejoins the show and we talk more in depth about #skirmish we take a look at Karla Von Kill from the Death Zone 2 book and the Archmage on Dragon takes on an Engine of the gods.

Episode #54 - Bristol Smash!

Episode #54: Adam tells us how he got on at Bristol Smash.

Episode #53 - Skirmish

Episode #53 I am joined by none other than Dave Sweeting as we talk about AoS Skirmish. There is a new hero for Hero versus monster and he goes up against a COCKATRICE!!!

Episode #52 - Adam's Wardancer Dies

Episode #52: This week we talk about Adam not winning an event because he forgot about something important, warscroll of the week is the Arkanaut Admiral, Hero vs Monster continues as the Prime on Dracoth takes on his 4th monster. We take a look at the new releases and have a jolly.

Episode #51 - Arkanaut Company

Episode #51: In this episode we take a look at the Kharadon Arkanaut Company, Fight another EPIC hero versus monster. Johnny chips in with some badly times comments and we announce the winner of our competition.

Episode #50 - Aether Khemist

Episode #50: In this landmark episode we talk about the Ather Khemist in warcroll of the week, have an epic Hero vs Monster and discuss our blood bowl event which is happening tomorrow!

Episode #49 - Is AoS Science Fiction?

Episode #49: In this episode we talk a lot about our blood bowl league games, play two that's right TWO!!!! hero versus monsters and we take a look at the Arkanaut Frigate in Warscroll of the week.



Episode #48 - Adam buys a Treeman

Episode #48: In this episode I chat to Ian Gilmore @drakenhof about his SCGT17 Best painted army. Wotw is the new Kharadron Thunderers. We have loads of blood bowl to talk about after Adam plays his 3rd league game and much much more!



Episode #47 - SCGT 2017

Episode #47: SCGT Adam and I have a good chat about SCGT17 and discuss tactics, how I got on and give a general review of the whole event. Was it worth it? Lets find out...




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Adam and stand in host Alex Ley talk about Bloodtithe, narrative warscrolls and recap the last few months of hobby.