Hero vs monster

Hero Vs Monster


The story so far...

Heroes 20 - 12 Monsters

Episode #65: What seems like a hard match up for the Dragonlord turns into a white wash when Jay saves 2 six ups vs a mangler squig

Episode #64: Dragonlord (Jay) Crushes a Daemon Prince (Adam

Episode #63: The dragonlord continued to flurish, this time striking down our special guest, Jon Green from bravery one and his verminlord Corruptor.

Bravery One British Open Special: We take the Dragonlord all the way to Lincoln to face Durthu. The players at the event had to bet on who would win and Jay's popularity shone through as most of the players picked the underdog Dragonlord, Luckily Ja's amazing luck shone through and after making a few 6+ saves he struck down the terror of the forests known only as "spirit of Durthu" - Adam cried and all the players that backed Jay won a tournament reroll.

Episode #62: The Dragonlord (Jay) Takes on its 4th foe! This time it's a grotesque Hellpit Abomination, its close.....but Adam is rubbish so Jay wins.

Episode #61: The Dragonlord (Jay) Takes on it's 3rd foe in the form of an Araknorak SPider (Adam) in his hunt for a poisoned tip lance, He finds one and obliterates it....twice....due to recodring problems.

Episode #60: The Dragonlord (Jay) takes on his 2nd foe in the form of an Aleguzzler Gargant (Adam) - the Gargant is caught on the lash and promptly gives in to the might of the Dragonlord.

Episode #59: A new hero for Jay in the form of a Dragonlord takes on yet another dragon in the form of a Carmine Dragon (Adam) who wins? Me obviously...the Dragonlord doesn't even let the Carmine roar.

Episode #58: King Leoun Leoncour (Jay) is attacked from the skies by a Terrogheist (Adam) Whilst having a rest from the previous battle... King L Dog just can't fight that many monsters in a row and he loses like a chump. 

Episode #57: King Leoun Leoncour (Jay) Shows up on his smug bird and face off against a Keeper of Secrets (Adam) The King of bretonnia just scrapes through as Jay & Adam use a house rule about piling in.

Episode #56: Archmage on Dragon (Jay) meets up with one of his old chums an Annointed on Frost Phoenix (Adam) now apparently the Annointed did not take kindly to the Archmage staining the High Elves name by killing an engine of the gods. The annointed soon showed that naughty Archmage.

Episode #55: The Archmage on Dragon (Jay) continues his good form against an Engine of the gods (Adam) and for the first time EVER the heroes take the lead!

Episode #53: A new hero arises in the form of an Archmage on Dragon and then goes up against a mighty Cockatrice (Dave Sweeting) after hunting one down in some nearby woods, The Cockatrice starts strong but is eventually slain by the mages combat prowess.

Episode #52: The Celestant on Dracoth (Jay) finally succumbs to a terrible and deadly Treelord Anciend (Adam)

Episode #51: The Celestant on Dracoth (Jay) once again rises to the challenge and this time he takes down a Flamesphie phoenix (Adam) 

Episode #50: The Celestant on Dracoth (Jay) continues his dominance after rinsing Scyla Anfingrimm (Adam) BWAHAHAHAA

Episode #49: After Valten dies terribly in under a minute we rack up again and this time it's Jay (Lord Celestant on Dracoth) vs Adam (Carmine Dragon) Remarkably the Celestant takes down the dragon after 3 gruelling turns! MY HERO!!!!!

Episode #48: Jay (Valten) vs Adam (Verminlord Deceiver) Valten smashes up the Verminlord after Adam makes some unsound tactical errors.

Episode #46: Jay (Dark Elf Sorceress on Black Dragon) vs Adam (Dreadlord on Black Dragon) It was close but it came down to priority which saw the Sorc go down like a sack of shit.

Episode #45: Jay (War Priest on War Horse) vs Adam (Zombie Dragon) Predictably the priest goes down but not before he puts up a valiant fight.

Episode #42: Jay (Icebrow Hunter) vs Adam (War Hydra) - The hunter does what he is supposed to do and hunts down the Hydra to obtain the golden fleece, Jay levels the scores to 6-6

Episode #41: Jay (Battlemage On Griffon) vs Adam (Mournghul) - Adam gets to pick his flipping monster, however after some immense skilled play by the empire master JAy brings down the mournghul with magic and might.

Episode #40: Jay (Arkhan the Black) vs Adam (Tamurkhan the Maggot Lord) After Jay begged to have the maggot lord the week before he goes up against it in a cruel twist of fate.....however....he playes like a true pro and with a combination of magic and combat he takes the Maggot Lord Down!

Episode #39: Jay (Mountain Chimera) vs Adam (Frostlord on Stonehorn) - LOL ok....even though I swapped to the monster I still can't get a win.

Episode #38: Jay (Dragon Noble)vs Tom Loyn (The Great Unclean One) - Not even close here as the pathetic Elf goes down like a hooker on crack.

Episode #37: Jay (Saurus Oldblood) vs Adam (Hellpit Abomination) - In a battle of epic proportions the Saurus Oldblood comes close but sadly the Hellpit manages to hold on long enough to kill the Old Blood.

Episode #36: Jay Herald of Khorne on Juggernaut) vs Adam (Jabberslythe) - The hero initially looked like he might take it down but after losing turn priority the foul Jabberslythe took down his prey before the Hero could respond.

Episode #34: Adam (Wight King on Steed) vs Jay (Chaos Lord on Manticore) - Possibly the biggest surprise yet as the mighty hero takes down the evil chaos lord after several deadly rounds of mortal combat.

Episode #33: Adam (Spellweaver) vs Jay (Gorgon) - The valiant Wood Elf is crushed pathetically by the nasty Coven Throne

Episode #32: Johnny (Lord Celestant on Stardrake) vs Adam (Bastilodon) - The mighty Celestant takes down the Bastilodon after a grueling battle! WHAT A HERO!

Episode #31: Adam (The Glotkin) vs Jay (Herald of Tzentch on disc) - The Glotkin basically eats the hero in one foul crunch.

Episode #30: Adam (Free Guild General) vs Seb (Chaos Gorgon) - The hero although valiant died in the 2nd round of cambat. He was lucky to survive round 1 after the gorgon missed 5/5 3+ attacks