Superbowl IV



Hard6 Superbowl IV

24th February 2018

The Event

We have once again decided to host more Blood Bowl Mayem. Superbowl IV is NAF approved. We have listened to feedback from the previous events and are always striving to make the event perfect. As such there wil be a slight alteration to the pack from SB3 regarding casualties. We do really want people to bring lovely teams and at least a minimum standard of team, so what we will do instead of rewarding players with a large amount of points for painting is reward everyone with 3pts for bringing a team that has 3 couolours painted on it and the bases are painted. There will still be a very nice prize and a lovely trophy for the best painted team so it is definitely worth trying your hardest.

The Hard6 Superbowl IV will take place at the “SPIT AND SAWDUST" 21 Bartholomew Street, London SE1 4AL,  London on 24th February 2018. It will consist of 4 games over 1 day with lunch included. The Superbowl is limited to 36 players. To reserve your place just purchase a ticket. If you want to reserve a place without paying then please email me at the following address, places will however go to players who have paid. Tickets are £20 and can be purchased via PAYPAL to (please make payment as a gift) and for this you get:

A custom scatter template that is yours FOREVER!!!.. Excellent Food and a chance to win one of 9 trophies and one of 4 spot prizes plus any other prize support we can blag from our sponsors which last time was 2 figure cases and £50 worth of gift vouchers. There will be a NAF trophy up for gabs as long as we hit 24 players and if you want to sign up to the NAF on the day you will be able to for a fiver. We do strongly suggest becoming a member of the NAF as it makes it more fun for everyone as each game goes towards your world ranking! YOU COULD BE NUMBER 1!!!!!! (or just fail a go for it and lose)


Below is a gallery from Superbowl III to show you what you're missing if you don't come!

 trophies 20170211_131851

Prize support for the following categories:

1st Place

2nd Place

3rd Place

Most Valuable Player (the individual player out of all the teams that picks up the most MVP points)

Best painted team

Runner up Best painted team

Most Sporting Player

Bloodiest Team (team that causes the most injuries)

Best Stadium (this includes display boards for display teams however full stadiums will take precedence)

Spot prizes for the 4 games



Any of the 24  teams may be chosen.

Players are able to spend 1,100,000 Gold Pieces on their team.

No inducements may be taken except goblins who make take up to 3 bribes at 50k each, and halflings who may hire a master chef for 100k.

Each team will be able to take a skill set to enhance their players Via a tier system as follows:

Each Team may take upto 1 STAR PLAYER among their roster who may not take an extra skill. This is not a free star player, you must pay for it

Grak and Crumbleberry are currently BANNED

Piling on will be allowed and will not require a team reroll.

There will be No special play cards in effect.

TIER 1: Amazon, Chaos Dwarf, Dark Elf, Dwarf, Lizardman, Norse, Orc, Skaven, Undead, Wood Elf 
TIER 2: Chaos, Chaos Pact, Elf, High Elf, Human, Khemri, Necromantic, Nurgle, Slann
TIER 3: Halfling, Goblin, Ogre, Underworld, Vampire

The Skill Sets are as follows:
TIER 1 = 4 normal skills
TIER 2 = 5 normal skills and 1 double skill
TIER 3 = 6 normal skills and 2 double skills 

You may not assign more than one additional skill to any player and star players may not have additional skills added.

Injuries will NOT carry over to the next game.

4 Minute turns will be enforced (although not strictly). If you are taking too long a TO will come and put a clock on your table as all games must be finished.

The “illegal Procedures” rule will not be in effect for the movement of turn counters.

Players will be required to bring the following:

1 Painted Team (3 colours and based minimum standard)

A set of turn score and reroll counters

A team roster



Everything else will be supplied including boards dice and templates. If you want to bring a pitch you have made then feel free to do so and you will have your pitch judged along with the other pitches for the accolade of “Best Stadium”

There will be soft scoring at the event and the entire scoring system is here for you to see. There are a total of 50pts available over the weekend


Win – 10pts

Draw – 5pt

Loss – 0

Winning a game by 2 or more touchdowns – 3pts (this accolade is only available twice however it will be used to tiebreak the event in the case of a dead heat)


Causing 3 or more casualties - 3pts (this accolade is only available twice however it will be used to tiebreak the event in the case of a dead heat)

The TD and CAS bonuses can only be achieved a combined total of twice, so you could win a game 2-0 in one game and cause 3 CAS in another to receive 6 bonus points or win two games 2-0 and receive a total of 6pts etc. You cannot achieve both bonuses in one game.


Minimum Standard – 3pt

Submitting your CORRECT race and food choice in the body of an email, if you have a NAF NUMBER Please put it on your roster after your coach name. so J Hopkinson - 66666 for example. 14th February – 1pt

Sports Votes

Each player will start the event on an even spread, if ONE opponent complains about you then you will get away with it, however after the first complaint you will lose 1pt per game. We really hope that this doesn’t come up as we are all adults and we fully expect all players to get to the end of the event without upsetting anyone.



9.00 - Registration & Introduction

09:20 - 11:35 - Match 1
11:40 - 13:55 - Match 2
13:55 - 14:40 - Half Time
14:45 - 17:00 - Match 3
17:05 - 19:20 - Match 4

19:30 Awards and a jolly good beer

If you have any questions please email me at



1. Thomas Robinson - Paid
2. Chris Chant - Paid
3. Helge Kjørstad - Paid
4. Mathew Ricketts - Paid
5. David Padgham - Paid
6. Donal Taylor - Paid
7. Chris White - Paid
8. Andrew Barton - Paid
9. Ivan Mytnik-Gonta - Paid
10. Dave Napier - Paid
11. Chris Delaney - Paid
12. Oliver Kenny - Paid
13. James Scott - Paid
14. Philip Anderson - Paid
15. Tom Loyn - Paid
16. Mark "Captain America" Hampson - Paid
17. Tony Kirwan - Paid
18. Yogi "Best Sports" Bear - Paid
19. David Semark - Paid
20. Tom Hewitt - Paid
21. Alex Leppard - Paid
22. Colin Macleod - Paid
23. Ewan Smith - Paid
24. Alex Ley - Paid
25. Vincent Liu - Paid
26. Aaron Mifsud - Paid
27. Dan Holland - Paid
28. Thomas Mcgivern - paid
29. Jai Channa
30. Hugo Darley - Paid
31. Graham Tomlinson - Paid
32. Samuel Kinge - Paid
33. Bob Kitchen - Paid
34. Tom Hayward - Paid
35. George Kiernan - Paid
36. Bish - Paid
37. Joseph Skidmore - Paid